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DUI Defense

Santa Clara DUI Proceedings

There are two parts to your Santa Clara DUI case.  Your case consists of both your DMV hearing as well as your legal hearing at the courthouse.  An experienced Santa Clara DUI lawyer will work on each aspect of your case, and will handle them with both consummate professionalism and compassion. You can be sure that by retaining one of our Santa Clara DUI attorneys, you will receive thorough representation in all aspects of your case.

Your Santa Clara DUI Case – The DMV Hearing

In Santa Clara, you have ten calendar days from the date of your DUI arrest to request a DMV hearing.  To do this, you must contact the Driver's Safety Office directly.  With such a tight timeline, it is of high importance that you contact an experienced Santa Clara DUI lawyer as soon as possible.  This insures that your case will be heard and handled with the utmost integrity and compassion.  A qualified Santa Clara DUI lawyer will be able to request a Stay of Suspension on your behalf, and make arrangements for your DMV hearing as well.

You will not face a judge during the DMV hearing.  It is not a court proceeding.  Rather, an employee of the DMV will preside and will ultimately make the decision about your driver's license. Our Santa Clara DUI lawyers have years of experience working to achieve favorable outcomes with the DMV that will allow you to retain your license.  We are even able to appear on your behalf at the hearing, allowing you to tend to your personal and professional obligations.

Your Santa Clara DUI Case – The Court Hearing

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they fail the breathalyzer test or the blood alcohol test, they have no choice but to plead guilty to a DUI charge.  After all, a conviction is inevitable, right?  NOT SO! Experienced Santa Clara DUI attorneys know that this is not necessary the case.  There are many factors that must be examined and considered, such as the procedures followed by the arresting officers or the reliability of the testing equipment used.  If you are facing a DUI charge in Santa Clara, only a trained Santa Clara DUI attorney can advise you of the laws in your area. Never assume all is lost, as your case may well have a chance. Contact our office for a free Santa Clara DUI case review.

It can seem easier to just plead guilty to DUI.  Many first offenders face this temptation, due to a desire to simply get things resolved and move on.  What many of these first time DUI offenders fail to understand is that their case is winnable, with the help of a highly skilled and equally experienced Santa Clara DUI lawyer.  These professionals are often able to appear in court on your behalf, saving you time and embarrassment.  Additionally, our Santa Clara DUI attorneys are familiar with the local laws for DUI and will work to ensure that your case has the best outcome possible.  Your situation is not hopeless.  An experienced Santa Clara DUI attorney can accurately determine whether or not your case has a chance for success. With our office's well-trained Santa Clara DUI counsel, you have the opportunity to avoid the stress, embarrassment, and disruption that a DUI charge can cause in your life.

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Dealing with DUI charges can be a lot to handle. You want an attorney who will treat your case as a priority and fight for your rights during this crucial time when so much is at stake. At our firm when we take on a case, your cause becomes our cause. Every single client is treated as a priority. In addition, every case is personally handled by the same attorney from beginning to end. That same attorney attends your court proceedings and DMV hearing. We also take the time to make sure you understand your case and know what to expect during the legal process right from the start. Hiring the right attorney can make all the difference in your DUI case. Please do not hesitate to call our office today for a free consultation.

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