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Santa Clara DUI - What to do First

Facing a DUI Charge in Santa Clara

It isn't as though anyone wants to be pulled over.  What should you do if it happens – you are pulled over for driving under the influence? While facing a DUI charge in Santa Clara can be a frightening experience, and can cause quite an upheaval in your life, there are things you can due to minimize any difficulties you might experience.  There is a standard chain of events that takes place when a person is charged with DUI in Santa Clara. There are specific actions you should take during each phase, to maximize your chances of having a successful outcome to your Santa Clara DUI case.

Initial Arrest for DUI in Santa Clara
In nearly all cases, anyone charged with DUI in Santa Clara are taken to jail. In addition, the arresting officer will automatically confiscate your driver's license. Depending on the circumstances, you may be released on your own recognizance, a written promise to appear in court. In some cases, though, you may be required to post bail before you can be released. If this happens, you or a family member will need to work with a bail bondsman to secure your release. Our Santa Clara law office has a working relationship with capable bondsmen in the Santa Clara area.  These professionals can work with you discreetly, without causing you any undue embarrassment or shame.

Santa Clara DMV Hearing

It is extremely important that you hire a competent Santa Clara DUI attorney to assist you with your case as soon as possible. You only have tendays to request a hearing at the Santa Clara DMV regarding your DUI charge.  If you fail to do so, you will automatically lose your driver's license. After the deadline has passed, there is no way to request a hearing.  After 30 days, your license will be suspended automatically.  You must work quickly to find a qualified Santa Clara Drunk Driving Defense attorney who will work with you to prevent the loss of your license and minimize the disruption this event can cause in your life. Our highly experienced Santa Clara DUI Defense lawyerscan appear at your DMV hearing on your behalf, and in many cases, you can avoid a suspension of your license entirely.

Arraignment for Your DUI Charge in Santa Clara

Soon after your initial arrest for DUI in Santa Clara, you will be arraigned in court. If you have secured the services of a competent Santa Clara DUI attorney, it is likely that you will not need to personally appear at this hearing.  Your Santa Clara DUI lawyer can enter your plea on your behalf. This saves you the time and embarrassment of appearing before a judge to answer for your DUI charge.

With the aid of an experienced Santa Clara DUI lawyer, there are several options available to you to ensure the best outcome possible.  Even if you failed the breath or blood test, there are defense maneuvers that if used adeptly, could result in the return of verdict of not guilty. It is important that you have qualified representation in the form of an expert Santa Clara DUI lawyer throughout the entire process of defending yourself against a DUI charge.  If you've been charged for DUI in Santa Clara, you owe it to yourself to contact one of our highly experienced Santa Clara DUI lawyers to work on your behalf.

Our specialty and promise is to provide you with solid support from the initial charge all the way to the final decision.  Our skilled Santa Clara DUI lawyers have the means to save you time, minimize stress to you and your family, and save you unneeded embarrassment. Contact us today for a free Santa Clara DUI case evaluation, available online.

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Dealing with DUI charges can be a lot to handle. You want an attorney who will treat your case as a priority and fight for your rights during this crucial time when so much is at stake. At our firm when we take on a case, your cause becomes our cause. Every single client is treated as a priority. In addition, every case is personally handled by the same attorney from beginning to end. That same attorney attends your court proceedings and DMV hearing. We also take the time to make sure you understand your case and know what to expect during the legal process right from the start. Hiring the right attorney can make all the difference in your DUI case. Please do not hesitate to call our office today for a free consultation.

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